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Legato Cert is credited with having established various different certification systems. Each of those certifications is for a specific area of IT expertise. Certifications such as these help establish the knowledge credentials of an IT professionals. Among others, it serves two major functions:
It helps an individual gauge his/her own level of knowledge and expertise
It helps potential employers in finding the right candidates for the various IT positions

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All Legato Cert Certification Exams

  • E10-001 Information Storage and Management Exam Version 2
  • E20-001 Storage Technology Foundations
  • E20-011 Storage Networking Design and Management
  • E20-012 Information Availability Design and Management Exam
  • E20-060 EMC technology foundations-Business continuity
  • E20-120 EMC Content Management Foundation Exam(CMF)
  • E20-330 Business continuity implementation
  • E20-331 Symmetrix Business Continuity Implementation Exam for I.E.s
  • E20-350 Networked Storage-san implementation
  • E20-351 Storage Attached Network (SAN) Speacilalist Exam
  • E20-360 Networked Storage-nas implementation
  • E20-361 Network Attached Storage (NAS) Implementation Exam
  • E20-370 Networked Storage - CAS Implementation
  • E20-380 Storage management implementation
  • E20-405 EMC Content Management Server Programming(CMSP)
  • E20-455 Content Management Web Application Programming Exam
  • E20-465 Content Management System Administration
  • E20-512 Business continuity specialist exam for Storage admins
  • E20-533 Networked Storage - SAN Specialist
  • E20-535 Networked Storage - NS Implementation
  • E20-537 Networked Storage-ns exam for Storage adminsitrators
  • E20-570 Networked Storage cas specialist
  • E20-582 Storage management specialist exam for Storage adminsitrator
  • E20-590 Backup and Recovery Specialist Exam
  • E20-610 CLARiiON
  • E20-611 CLARiiON Installation and Troubleshooting Specialist
  • E20-616 Symmetrix Installation and Troubleshooting Specialist
  • E20-617 DMX Migration
  • E20-651 Networked Storage-SAB Installation and Troubleshooting Exam
  • E20-661 Networked Storage-NAS Installation and Troubleshooting Exam
  • E20-665 Networked Storage-ns installation and troubleshooting
  • E20-670 Networked Storage-CAS Installation/Troubleshooting Specialst
  • E20-825 Networked Storage-SAN Expert Exam for Technology Architects
  • E20-830 Networked Storage--NAS Expert Exam for Technology Architects
  • E20-840 Storage Management Expert Exam for Technology Architects
  • E20-845 Business Continuity Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers
  • E20-855 Networked Storage-SAN Expert for Implementation Engineers
  • E20-860 EMC NAS Implementation Engineer Expert Exam
  • E20-863 Networked Storage-NS Expert Exam Implemnetation Engineers
  • E20-870 Storage Management for Implementation Engineers
  • E22-189 SourceOne eDiscovery - Kazeon Administration Exam
  • E22-201 Emc Mainframe Local Replication Exam
  • E22-211 Emc Mainframe Remote Replication Exam
  • E22-220 Symmetrix Mainframe Business Continuity Exam
  • E22-250 Network Management - Smarts Administration